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Best Vape Pens for Vaping Dry Herbs, Wax & Oil 2022/2023

Nowadays, carrying a vape pen is almost as common as carrying a cell phone. And it’s not hard to see why.

Vape pens allow you to vape your favorite e-liquids, concentrates, and dry herbs, by just reaching into your pocket! That’s why, in this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to pick the right vape pen for your needs. We’ll go through the main kind of vape pens, and show you the best vaping products you can get.

Let’s get you a vape pen!

What is a Vape Pen?

In general terms, a vape pen is a pen-shaped device used to vaporize material for its inhalation. These pocket-size devices have a chamber to load up your materials, and an atomizer to heat them up to vaporization temperatures. Although there are some manual-heated vape pens, most vape pens are powered by a battery, and usually operated with a button.

Since vape pens are so compact, vape pens made for dry herbs, like the G-Pen and the Pax, have to be refilled as often as a pipe. However, with the rising popularity of waxy concentrates and oils that are easier to vaporize, it’s easy to find a vape pen to load them up and discreetly vape all day long.

Different types of vape pens

Generally speaking, there are different kinds of vape pens made to vaporize different materials:

  • E-liquid vape pens: Popularized as an alternative to cigarettes, e-liquid vapers allow you to vaporize glycerin-based liquids with nicotine, CBD, and other ingredients.
  • Dab and wax vape pens: Made to vaporize waxy concentrates, these vape pens are designed to easily load in your dabs.
  • Dry herb vape pens: These vape pens are made to be reloaded with ground dry herbs, and allow you to vaporize them at lower temperatures than combustion.

Let’s take a closer look.

Best Vape Pens for E-Liquids

Vape pens for e-liquids are vaporizer devices that resemble a pen in their looks and portability. Depending on the brand and the design, they can be thin or wide, depending on whether the design is prioritizing portability or capacity.

Generic e-liquid vape pens are compatible with any 510-threaded disposable cartridge, whereas brands like Vaporesso or Smok make vape pens with refillable pods.

Since cartridges are meant to be used and interchanged, the atomizer is in the cartridge itself, with the vape pen allowing you to select voltage settings to get hotter or colder vapor.

Here are the best vape pens for 510 e-liquid cartridges and vape tanks:

The Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium Edition 

Made by The Kind Pen, this little and affordable device is perfect for vaporizing all your e-juice products. 

Slimmer than an actual pen, this sleek and discreet vape pen comes with a battery compatible with 510 cartridges, a refillable glass pod for e-juices and oily concentrates, and a USB charger.

The slim 350mAh battery comes with three temperature settings and a preheat function to better vaporize thicker oils. 

Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer

The Pulsar GIGI Vaporizer is a compact and powerful battery for 510 e-juice cartridges at an unbeatable price.

With a 500 mAh battery, you can enjoy a long battery life allowing you to extend your vaping session without reaching for another battery. At just two inches tall, this pocketable and discrete device is perfect for taking anywhere, and enjoying full, flavorful hits from your carts.

The Kind Pen Pure Oil Vaporizer 

This premium and discreet vape pen is the perfect size to palm away. Made for e-juices and oils, the Pure is draw-activated and turns on the device as you inhale. You can use the dial to select between four temperature settings and customize your vaping experience.

With a 400mAh battery, this small vaporizer comes with a fast-charge system so you’re never without power for too long. It’s compatible with all 501 cartridges, locking them magnetically into place. 

Best Vape Pens for Dabs and Wax

Vape pens for concentrates allow you to vaporize dense oils and resins extracted from the cannabis plant. Since these concentrates have a denser proportion of cannabinoids, they are often smaller and more portable than dry herb pens.

Like e-juice vaporizers, vape pens for waxy concentrates don’t have any moving parts and simply consist of a battery, an atomizer, and a rechargeable concentrate pod.

Usually, larger dab pens allow you to load more concentrates and come with a larger battery capacity.

Here are some of the best dab pens:

Puffco Plus Dab Pen

With an award-winning design, the Puffco Plus Dab Pen is one of the most popular concentrate vaporizer pens out there.

Featuring a coil-less ceramic heating chamber and a mouthpiece with a built-in carb cap, the Puffco Plus gives you everything you need to enjoy the perfect rip, every time. Loading is easy with its curved dart tip that acts as a built-in dab tool to quickly load up the chamber.

You can adjust the power output through its three temperature settings, and activate a sesh mode to heat up the device for 12 seconds for a few quick and efficient hits.

XVAPE V-One 2.0 Vaporizer

This thick and sleek metallic dab pen is as powerful as it is convenient. Capable of great vapor production, this hybrid vaporizer comes with dual titanium coils powered by a huge 1500 mAh battery that can keep you vaping for longer.

The vape device also comes with an optional glass bubbler attachment, that allows you to use it as an electronic dab rig to cool off your clouds when you’re at home. Then, when you’re out and about, you can replace the bubbler for the mouthpiece, and keep using it as a normal vaping pen.

You also get a full starter kit to vape your concentrates, with a spare dual coil, replacement rings, a battery stand, and a built-in dab tool. All you need is your concentrates! 

Yocan Magneto Portable Wax Vaporizer

Packing a ton of value at a low price tag, the Magneto Vaporizer by Yocan is a large and powerful dab pen.

Designed with magnetic connections and a built-in dab tool, this thick-looking dab pen is easy to clean, take apart, and put together. It even comes with a built-in non-stick concentrate stash to keep your materials.

With a simple one-button operation and a powerful 1100mAh battery, this affordable dab pen has everything you need to vape your concentrates at an affordable price.

Best Oil Vape Pens

Oil vape pens have a unique and simple construction. They often consist of pre-filled 510 cartridges with batteries or disposable pens that need less intent heat sources than coils to vaporize. Instead of using metal coils, heating elements will often be made out of ceramic or quartz.

Here are some of the best oil vape pens:

 The Kind Pen Slim Oil Premium Edition 

Made by The Kind Pen, this little and affordable device is perfect for vaporizing all your oily concentrates. 

Slimmer than an actual pen, this sleek and discreet vape pen comes with a battery compatible with 510 cartridges, a refillable glass pod for e-juices and oily concentrates, and a USB charger.

The slim 350mAh battery comes with three temperature settings and a preheat function to better vaporize thicker oils.  

Ooze Slim Twist PRO Concentrate Vape Kit

The Slim Twist PRO is a colorful vape pen capable of vaporizing disposable and refillable cartridges.

This slim vaporizer comes with a 320mAh battery with a dial to control voltage settings and adjust the temperature. You can attach a disposable cape pen 510 cartridges, or use the included wax atomizer to vaporize your favorite concentrates.

You also get a 15 seconds pre-heat mode, an auto shut-off feature, and a single fire button operation.

Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit

Made by Dr. Dabber, the Light vaporizer is a compact vape pen exclusively made to vaporize oil and concentrates.

This compact vaporizer is built out of titanium and features a low-heat technology to more efficiently vaporize your concentrates and give you their full flavors. It comes with a simple single-button operation, and a powerful 650mAh battery that can last you between 20-30 minutes.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

Although not as common as other vape pens, dry herb vaporizers allow you to vape your dry herbs directly, heating them below combustion temperatures to activate and vaporize away the active ingredients, without burning them.

Here are some of the best dry herb vape pens:

PAX 3 Vaporizer

The PAX 3 is one of the most popular, high-quality vaporizers for both dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

With a fast 15-second heating time and a powerful 3500mAh battery, the PAX 3 also features haptic feedback and compatibility with waxy concentrates. You can also connect your vaporizer to the PAX app allowing you precise temperature control and other customization features.

Getting accessories and replacements is easy, so you can get the separate vaping accessories you need like raised mouthpieces or bong adapters, to customize your session. You also get a 10-year warranty from PAX, making it a safer investment.

DynaVap 2021 M Vaporizer

The latest version of the DynaVap “M” comes with a few upgrades to this already excellent vape pen.

Like the rest of DynaVap’s vaporizers, the “M” is a manual vaporizer, meaning you need an external source of heat, like a butane torch or a coil, to heat it up. Once the cap is hot enough, the cap emits a click letting you know it’s ready to vape, clicking again when the temperature gets too low.

Made out of medical-grade stainless steel, this vape pen is extremely easy to clean and maintain, with the only pieces prone to breakage being the silicone rings (which you can easily find.)

Despite its simplicity, this dry herb vape is capable of delivering surprisingly big clouds, vaporizing your dry herbs very efficiently.

XVAPE Tommy Chong Aria Hybrid Vaporizer

This colorful vaporizer is the result of the team-up between activist Tommy Chong and XVAPE, resulting in this psychedelic-looking special edition vaporizer.

Designed as a dry herb and wax pen, the Aria Hybrid vaporizer comes with a fast heat-up time, haptic feedback, and a large 2600mAh battery. The OLED screen allows you to select the exact temperature you want to vape at, and the ceramic mouthpiece and heating chamber preserve the flavor of your flowers while vaporizing them efficiently.

How does a vape pen work?

Every vape pen has the same basic construction, regardless of what material they’re made to vape. Vape pens are made up of three main components:

  • The battery: Unless you have a manual vape pen, a lithium battery will provide the energy to heat up your materials.
  • The heating chamber: Refillable vape pens can easily be loaded with nicotine salts, waxy concentrates, or dry herbs to vape on the go.
  • The mouthpiece: Most vape pens will have removable mouthpieces to easily clean up.

Some high-end devices are capable of vaporizing different kinds of materials, while cheaper pre-filled vape pens will likely be disposable.

How do you use a vape pen?

Got a new vape pen? Follow these steps to use it:

  • Step 1: Start by charging your device. Although most vape devices come with some charge out of the box, it’s usually a good idea to charge them until the battery is full. 
  • Step 2: Once your device is charged, load the material onto the pen, usually by removing the mouthpiece or a side lid.
  • Step 3: Now that your material is safely loaded onto your pen, turn on your device. Single-button devices can be turned on by pressing the button three or five consecutive times.
  • Step 4: Take a draw by pressing the button and holding it to heat up the materials and inhale the vapor. Most vape pens will come with safety features that automatically turn off the coil after ten seconds, and turn off the vape pen entirely once it’s not being used.

Make sure to read your vape’s instruction manual to get a good idea of how to use it and get the most out of it.

Tips for Choosing the Best Vape Pen

Looking for a new vape pen? The best vape pen is the one that fits your budget and it’s worth your investment. But finding out whether a vape pen is worth the price isn’t always as easy as reading the listed features.

A good vape pen should also last a long time with little maintenance and hassle. That’s why it’s often a good idea to read up on some reviews of the vape pens you’re considering buying to get a better idea of their performance and ease of use.

You may also want to:

Look For Vape Pens With Internal, Built-In Batteries

Besides manual vape pens like DynaVap, electric vape pens will usually give you the best performance for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Most vape pens are charged with micro-USB or, if you have 510 vape pens, 510-threaded USB chargers.

High-quality vaporizers use high-grade lithium batteries that take more time to degrade, allowing you to recharge them and use them for longer. Cheaper pens and e-cigs will often have lower-grade lithium batteries that will not hold a full charge after a few cycles.


Airflow is often an overlooked feature for new vapers, but it’s extremely important when choosing the right vape pen.

If you want direct-to-lung vaping (DTL), you’ll need powerful devices that can produce a lot of vapor at lower temperatures, while mouth-to-lung (MTL) pens have a tighter draw that allows you to cool off and taste the vapor in your mouth before you inhale. High-end devices may have an adjustable airflow option to introduce fresh air into the device, cooling off the vapor for deeper hits.

Heating Chamber Size

Larger heating chamber sizes will allow you to pack more material and spend less time refilling, making it easier to share and have longer vaping sessions. However, they will also result in thicker, less pocket-friendly vape pens.

Thinner, more discrete vape pens will often come with a smaller heating chamber size, better for quick personal tokes on the go.

How to look after your vape pen

If you want to make sure your vape pen keeps working well, you’ll need to make sure you’re giving it the regular maintenance it needs.

Here are the basics of looking after your vape pen:

Common Problems With Vape Pens

Here’s how to solve the most common issues with vape pens:

Connection & Power Issues with all types of Vape Pens

The most common issue with vape pens is them not working well or at all. This often happens when there’s a connection or a power issue with the device.

Every electronic vape pen will require a battery, a heating element, and a good connection between them. If your vape pen is having power issues, it may simply be a bad connection.

Make sure your battery is charged and your chamber is loaded. You’ll also want to make sure your coil or atomizer is working properly and have no clogged material. Your connection should be clean and in its place. If the connection looks like it has recessed too far, you can use a small screwdriver to carefully try to free it. 

If after fixing these issues you’re still not able to get it working, you may have a connection issue.

E-Liquid Vape Pens: Leaking Issues

Many e-juice vape pens often develop a leaking issue, which can ruin your battery and waste your precious material.

If your vape pen keeps leaking, you can often solve the issue by replacing the cartridge, or using vape mods that can be safely and tightly screwed onto the device. Vape tanks usually have the atomizer screwed at the bottom, so make sure it’s screwed tightly to prevent leakage.

High-end modifiable tanks will often come with replaceable O-rings and mesh coils to customize your vape pen and increase its vapor production. If you want to replace yours, you can usually find a diagram in your user’s manual telling you how to disassemble the tank sections.

Wax Pens: Heating Element/Chamber Issues

Wax pens may get issues with the heating element. To fix it, start by looking at the connections and making sure they’re clean. Some wax pens have coils and atomizers that need to be replaced after a while, and will usually include a couple of spare ones in the packaging. 

If it’s not a straightforward atomizer issue, you’ll have to inspect the heating element itself. Thankfully, in most cases, this can be fixed with a simple toothpick or paperclip, and some gentle adjustment.

Be very careful and try to avoid touching the heating element whenever possible, as you don’t want to distort or damage it. 

Safety Tips for all Vape Pens

To be safe, make sure to follow these tips whenever using vape pens:

  • Switch off your device when not in use: Vape pens are equipped with a lock or power switch for a reason. It’s always best practice to switch them off when not in use. This is especially true when you are carrying them around in your pocket, as they could accidentally fire ruining your coil and putting undue stress on your battery which could lead to more severe issues. Remove this danger by switching it off or locking it, usually with five quick presses of the fire button.
  • Always use the included charger: Charging incorrectly can always be a risk with technology; you only need to look at incidents with mobile phones to see if this can happen anywhere. Despite the manufacturer’s best efforts to prevent charging issues with vapor pens, if you use the wrong power-rated cable to charge your device, it could cause issues. So it’s best to always use the included charger.
  • Don’t overcharge: As above, manufacturers include safety protection for overcharging of vaporizer pens. However, it’s always the safest and best practice to remove the device from charging once complete. Many vape pens will have an LED status light on the device or charger showing when it is fully charged.
  • Never leave it charging overnight: Sticking with charging procedures and taking into account the above. It is always best to charge your devices when you are present, and never a good idea to leave them charging overnight. If there is an issue, you won’t know until it’s too late.
  • Always keep your device clean: As you’ve seen from our section on fixing issues with leaking on pen-style vapes, it’s easy for vape juice to get onto the contacts outside the pod system. It’s always best if you have any leaks or spills to make sure your device and all connections are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Clean up other e-liquid spills: Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin, so make sure you clean up any other accidental spills and leaks of vape juice from your vapor pen. This can be done with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol.

Fortunately, any good vape pen will typically have built-in safety features, and there is very little potential for things to go wrong.

How To Clean a Vape Pen?

Cleaning your vape pen properly will likely depend on the kind of vape pen you have. Dry herb vape pens need to be cleaned after every couple of uses, and usually will include a brush to clear out any vaped herb. Other vape pens can be cleaned with warm water or isopropyl alcohol to ensure you remove all the remaining resins and leftovers.

However, unless you’re using e-cigarettes with replaceable cartridges or disposable vape pens, every vape pen needs some deep cleaning. To deep clean your vape pen, start by disassembling it into its main components. Then separate the electronic components from the rest. Place these non-electronic parts, like the mouthpiece, the tank glass, and the rubber rings, in a bowl with rubbing alcohol. You can leave them soaking for a few minutes, although leaving them overnight will usually make the cleanup easier.

Take the parts out of the bowl and use a cotton swab or a pipe cleaner to clean away any leftover residue. Allow the pieces to fully dry before putting your vape pen together to enjoy your next draw.

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